Homeopathy and Digestion

Sluggish digestion can be a result of the high sugar intake and change of routine during the Christmas period and it may be difficult to get back on track even now. This can result in low energy, difficulty losing weight, skin issues and can have an overall negative effect on your whole system. The following remedies can help treat these symptoms bringing back balance:

Nux Vomica is a remedy for heartburn that occurs after taking coffee, spicy food or alcoholic drinks. It can also be used to treat constipation where is a constant urge to pass stool but the stool is insufficient. It is also used to relieve the heaviness and sensation of weight in the stomach after eating.

Lycopodium is helpful when the stomach feels full and there is a distention of abdomen even after eating very little. There is rolling of gas in stomach with burps that cause burning in the throat.

Carbo veg – Can provide relief from gas and related complaints like heartburn, belching, flatulence, bloating and pain.

While these remedies can ease your symptoms very quickly acutely, if the issues are chronic in nature it is best to consult a homeopathic practitioner for a constitutional treatment. This can help get to the root of the issue and prevent the problems reoccurring.

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