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Margaret Blake

Margaret Blake
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Essential Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

With over 15 years experience, Margaret Blake is ITEC and BABTAC qualified and recently understood intensive re-training in Sydney, Australia in the Apilus Picoflash Thermolysis method. This is a very exciting innovation which allows the practitioner to work much faster with minimal discomfort for the client. She was amazed to meet clients who had initially presented for a small amount of facial hair removal and when pleasantly surprised with their rapid results and minimal skin reaction proceeded to have their legs, arms, underarms and bikini lines treated too.

The Apilus Picoflash Thermolysis method uses ultrarapid 27mhz frequency to permanently destroy all hair types.
It works twice as fast as any other epilator by optimising energy concentration in the hair follicle. The cells responsible for hair growth coagulate more quickly, resulting in incomparable effectiveness and comfort.

What areas can be treated?

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Commonly treated areas for females are all Facial areas:
Lip, Chin, Neck, sides of face, eyebrows, and hairlines.
Commonly treated body areas are:
Chest, Areolae(Nipples), Abdomen, Bikini line, Thighs, Legs, Arms, underarms, Fingers and Toes, Feet, Hands.

Does it work on all hair colours?

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Whether your hair is white, blond, red or brown and whether you are fair or dark skinned, electrolysis treatments with the Apilus Platinum 27 MHz ultrarapid epilator will always deliver permanent results.