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Nora O'Riordan


Nora O’Riordan – Reflexologist

RReflexology is a gentle and non-invasive complementary treatment that can help a wide range of mild and acute conditions in the body. It treats the whole person and not just the symptoms of the pain or the disease. If one area of the body is out of balance, then other areas will also be. Reflexology can help stimulate the body’s own healing process therefore allowing the body to restore its own healthy balance. It helps the body’s natural equilibrium and encourages the body to work naturally to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

To book an appointment with Nora at Bellevue Clinic, call +353 (0)87 260 3001.

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Practitioner : Nora O’Riordan
Company: : Sole Provider
Address: : Bellevue Clinic, Mallow, Co. Cork
Mobile : +353 (0)87 260 3001

Nora O’Riordan – Reflexologist

Nora O'Riordan

- Reflexologist -
Sole Provider

NNora has been working with children who have many specific individual needs for many years now and experiences the benefits of Reflexology as it stimulates, rejuvenates and totally relaxes the body.
We all need relaxation and time out from our busy work filled lives and at Sole Provider, Nora can assist in getting a fantastic nights sleep following a treatment. This benefits our minds and bodies. Sleep is as essential as food for physical and mental well-being. Proper rest is essential to restore our bodies to their original levels. The natural state of rest is sleep. Happiness, sadness, obesity,, knowledge, health and strength are all dependent on sleep and Reflexology therapy provides this benefit.
At Sole Provider Nora strives to provide a complementary therapy in a relaxing, non intrusive and utmost caring environment. Nora also offers home treatment if it suits clients needs and circumstances.

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