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[wow_heading] Bellevue Clinic [/wow_heading]
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[wow_service2 icon=”medkit” url=”#” title=”Our Location” anim=”bounceIn” after=”0.1″]Located in Mallow, Co. Cork on the south side of the River Blackwater next to the Church of the Resurrection.[/wow_service2]

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[wow_service2 icon=”medkit” url=”#” title=”About Us” anim=”bounceIn” after=”0.2″]Opening in 2010 by osteopath Judith O’Sullivan who has been an osteopath in Mallow since 2007[/wow_service2]

[col size=”4″][wow_service2 icon=”medkit” url=”#” title=”Opening Hours” anim=”bounceIn” after=”0.3″]Bellevue Clinic is open five days a week
(Mon – Fri) & offer late evening and lunch time appointments [/wow_service2]

[col size=”4″][wow_service2 icon=”medkit” url=”#” title=”Clinic Photos” anim=”bounceIn” after=”0.3″]Take a tour around our clinic where patient welfare & comfort is our utmost priority[/wow_service2]
[col size=”4″][wow_service2 icon=”medkit” url=”#” title=”Clinic Parking” anim=”bounceIn” after=”0.3″]With free car parking available in our carpark right outside our front door accessing our clinic is hassle free[/wow_service2]
[col size=”4″][wow_service2 icon=”medkit” url=”#” title=”Disability Access” anim=”bounceIn” after=”0.3″]Bellevue Clinic is a single story building with easy access for wheelchair users and thosre requiring disability access[/wow_service2]


Find Us

Address: Bellevue, Mallow, Co.Cork

Phone: + 353 (0)22 51751

Fax: + 353 (0)22 78650


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